For Trump, politics, family and business merge. We know from Indonesia how that may end up.

What happens, though, when family business and public office mix at the highest levels of politics? The absence of precedent in the United States means that we must look abroad for answers. One country that provides useful, if distressing, parallels is Indonesia under former president Suharto.



Philippines' Duterte mulls leaving international court

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday he might follow Russia's example and withdraw from the International Criminal Court, where his critics say he could be charged over the thousands killed in his war on drugs.

In a statement before flying to Peru to attend the annual summit of Asia-Pacific leaders, Duterte also said the United Nations has been inutile in stopping wars. He said if China and Russia decide to create a new world order, he would be the first to join them and leave the U.N., which he said is dominated by the U.S.



Trump Campaigned Against Lobbyists, but Now They’re on His Transition Team



This is the only way America can win the new Cold War with Russia

Recent allegations by the U.S. that Russia is trying to interfere in its presidential election underline a grim but unavoidable point: Whether America likes it or not, it's in a new Cold War with Russia. All of the hallmarks of the first Cold War — the standoffs, the propaganda, the wars of words, the covert actions, and the proxy warfare — are all back. With a vengeance.

Welcome to Cold War Lite. Now what?


'A Dangerous Situation' As U.S.-Russia Tensions Spill Over To Nuclear Pacts


ACT lobbyist register could triple in size under new proposal


From politics to stalking, the Internet can torment and terrify. Happy Halloween!

From politics to stalking, the Internet can torment and terrify. Happy Halloween!

Don't blink. Don't close your eyes. Don't let your guard down. There are scary things that go bump in the night, but with technology, scary things also whir, beep, and bing.

From politics to stalking, the Internet can torment and terrify. Happy Halloween! http://www.zdnet.com/article/more-scary-tech-from-politics-to-stalking-the-internet-has-the-potential-to-torment-and-terrify/

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